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Extruded Organic Soybean Meal
Extruded Organic Soybean Meal
Extruded Organic Soybean Meal
Extruded Organic Soybean Meal is produced from Northeast high-quality Non-GMO & organic soybeans. With the imported equipments, we can precisely control the degree of extrusion as desired during the production, so that the quality of our products is guaranteed. Through the extruding treatment, the soybean meal is of high energy, high protein content, high digestibility and low microbial content. According to the determination, the solubility can reach over 75%, and the digestibility of amino acids is more than 90%. It is widely used in animal feed, pet food, nutrient medium as well as pharmaceutical industry.


Physical and chemical index:
Test items Unit  Notes
Protein (dry basis) % ≥41.0  
Moisture % ≤8.0 or as per customer's requirement
Fat  % ≤8.0  
Ash (dry basis) % ≤8.0  
Particle Size (60 mesh) % ≥95.0 or as per customer's requirement
Packaging Bulk or In 50kg or 70kg polywoven bags, and each 20FCL holding 22MT.
Transportation and Storage Kept from rain or damp during transportation and storage, to be strored in a dry & cool place away from sunlight, best storage temperature: below 25℃.
Shelf life 12 Months under appropriate strorage condition from date of production.
Certificate ISO9001, ISO22000, IP GMO Free, Organic Certificate